Strike Force: God’s Dominion Team

Strike Force is a life-saving character development effort developed by Dr. Daryl Brock – Pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship, originally in partnership with the Cincinnati Sentinel Police Association. Strike Force was developed to reach people with the real message of victorious living through Christ.


Utilizing the martial arts as a magnet, Strike Force presents the revolutionary life changing idea that with God’s help, a determined attitude and a disciplined mind, no obstacle can hold us back from achieving our dreams and being all that we can be. More than just a karate program, Strike Force presents the today message of Christ overcoming drugs, ignorance, alcohol and any other negative obstacle that will keep us from achieving and touching the sky. More than just a one-time presentation, Strike Force is an ongoing program that assists youth and adults in developing positive characteristics. Character to help them overcome negative environments in an atmosphere of supportive motivation. Each student will achieve a disciplined attitude in a disciplined but caring martial arts environment.



Strike Force Karate program at Grace Christian Fellowship and is designed to build confidence, self-discipline and esteem. The sessions focus on the student developing basic survival skills and teaching how those skills can be utilized in their everyday local environment to counter the negative forces they might usually come in contact with. The defensive skills and techniques they will learn are not the primary focus, but more so:


1. Reinforcing the reality that “I can do all things through Christ who

    strengthens me…”


2. Instill within the student the discipline to work hard for those

    things they want to achieve in life.


3. Building self-esteem by helping the students feel good about

    themselves and their achievements.


4. Teaching RESPECT for self and for others.


After students have learned skills and can successfully demonstrate them with precision, they will be eligible to be tested and receive rank in Tang Soo Do style of the martial arts. Class fees are extremely reasonable. Information regarding how to acquire karate uniforms and school patch are provided by the instructor.


Students of Strike Force are honored to be taught by a seasoned 9th degree black belt Grand Master in the art of Tang Soo Do Karate. Adults and youth are welcomed to learn and grow.


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