Building a Relationship With Christ

Our Mission

-Minster to the needs of the whole person and the whole family


-Encourage Christian growth and maturity by helping people develop,renew and enhance an ongoing intimate personal relationship with God. 

-Encourage personal participation in ministry utilizing gifts God has given to the individual. 


-Identify, develop and provide traditional and non-traditional outlets for ministry in various areas including:

   -Vision Class and Worship

   -Strengthening family relationships

   -Positive community interaction

   -Ministry in the arts 


A Boutique Church Ministry

Grace Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a boutique church that thrives on the manifested love of GOD and guarantees an array of unique worship and ministry opportunities to address our daily pressure-filled lives and crisis situations as they arise. 


Because of the pressures in today’s daily living, many of us are always seeking direction from GOD to address life and or purpose threatening situations. GCF fosters An uplifting, GOD-oriented environment where you will beinspired to achieveand where Your Spirit will Soar.  

HERE, there is an environment where you can 

sense GOD in the quiet, 
feel GOD in the worship and, 
hear GOD in the message.   


HERE your questions are not an annoyance. All our services integrate opportunities for  Bible -based practical answers to your Questions as a part of our worship.  Not only anointed teaching, but anointed answers and loving help to achieve your goals and objectives.  Your time is precious -  Your situation is real.  Our worship services are oriented  to give you usable bible-based answers with practical applications to your real situations.  We are a community that does this.


HERE there is a place for your ministry and an opportunity for its application! Grace is A place for you to fulfill your need/desire to minister with Actual ministry opportunities that demonstrate the love, acceptance, and deliverance in CHRIST through our ongoing community dinners, community-oriented children and tween programming, teens rites of passage, family holiday food basket distributions,  food pantry and international missionary ministry.


A thriving ministry to and fellowship with sister churches to advance the Kingdom of Christ.


Many are called, few are chosen qualified prepared

God has more for you so you can do more for yourself!

Contact us if you want to learn more! 

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Sunday Service:


Prayer: 9am

Sunday School: 10am

Morning Worship:11:30a


Continue to join us online or in person on Wednesdays @ 6:00p for Vision Class!

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